1:1 Mentoring & Mindset Coaching





You came into this process thinking “I’ve got this.”

You had surgery because it was your LAST option. You did surgery to save your life and to get your life back.

You knew in the back of your mind that you would have to follow the plan, yet you didn't realize how hard it would be, how much work it would be to stay on track. 

At some point you probably were doing pretty good, and then it got harder.

You hit plateaus, just like they said you would.

You’ve changed your eating – somewhat – yet you slide backwards – struggling to get back on track.



You may have even lost who you are along the way, wondering, who I am anymore?

What You Get: 

Weekly or Bi-weekly Individual sessions, a partner invested in your growth! 

Weekly text/email check-ins

Personalized/individualized attention and engagement

Clarity, Insight, Growth, Purpose, Passion, Weight Loss, Freedom, and so much more! 



If you’d like to book a call to apply for one of these spots, you may schedule a discovery call.

If you'd like to see if we would be a good fit to work together in this capacity, schedule a 30-min discovery call for your FREE assessment and action plan. Serious inquiries only please, as these are for prospective clients and spots are limited to 4 calls per month. DISCOVERY CALL


8 sessions  (30-min sessions) $1300 or 4 payments of $350

8 sessions (1-hour sessions) $ 2200 or 4 payments of $575

12 sessions (30-min sessions) $1800 or 6 payments of $325

12 sessions (1-hour sessions) $3200 or 6 payments of $550

24 sessions (30-min sessions) $3300 or 12 payments of $300

24 sessions (1-hour sessions) $6000 or 12 payments of $525