Got a salty/crunchy craving but still need protein? Give these a try.



So every once in a while - (okay, a few times a month), I get a salty/crunchy food craving. Cravings are normal but what we do with them is important. For the psychological side, I tend to ask myself the following: “Does it have protein? Does it have enough protein? Is it going to benefit my goals (protein or otherwise), and is it healthy?"  If these answers are no, I think twice before putting it in my mouth.

I sometimes will go for popcorn but feel guilty because I want to get my protein in. Protein comes first, right? So this is a way to get that crunchy snack while also getting in some protein. I am definitely not advocating this as a "go-to” food or an everyday food. I do think this can be a healthy crunchy snack for those days when you want something crunchy and salty. I would love some other feedback on those who have tried this. I just shared this in my surgery group and have heard positive reviews. Therefore, I think this can be a good supplemental “protein” snack. Also, did I mention it is gluten-free?? Check out the nutritional facts below. They also come in Sea Salt, Sour Cream and Onion, and Barbecue.

Happy Munching!!

With love and light,

Kristin :)