H2O - does a body good. Are you getting enough?



They tell you before WLS/bariatric surgery about the importance of water in your diet. They tell you this again after surgery when they give you fluids in post-op. They tell you in the support groups. They tell you at the doctor’s office. They tell you every time they get a chance. But, they should as this can impact overall health and hydration - not to mention weight loss. 

Water is important for everyone - not just bariatric surgery patients. However, while they tell you that you need water, what might not be said is “water helps you lose weight”. Also, due to the smaller size of the stomach or due to the size of the pouch created for Roux-en-Y patients, water is not as easy to guzzle as it was before. 


Yes, water - good ole H2O can help you lose the weight. WLS (weight loss surgery) patients need just as much water as before (at least 64oz a day) but the only different now is that it requires a conscious effort to fit it in your daily plan. 

After my WLS, I struggled a little with drinking plain water. So I made sure that I put a little flavoring (sugar free of course) in my water. I used powerade flavored water mix, crystal light, true lemon, true lime (with stevia) and other liquid flavored drops. I didn’t like my water too sweet so I would make it very diluted just enough to get a taste but not so much that I would gag from the sweetness. 

This helped me for the first 9 months. After that I started to drink plain water again and did not gag. That was really wonderful! I had missed plain water and the ability to drink it without flavoring. 

Everyone is different and experiences vary. I had to do what was best for me to ensure that I drank my required amount of water every day. In the beginning, I even made sure that I had a timer set every couple hours which really helped - It would say, “Are you thirsty? Time to drink some water!" 

I believe all of us (even those who have not had bariatric/WLS surgery) have trouble with drinking enough water. Therefore making it a priority and a daily habit is a good way to ensure long-term that you are getting in the H2O. 

How much water have you had to drink today?

What habits do you use to ensure you are drinking at least 64oz a day? 

Happy Sipping… 

Love and light,