My Super Duper Healthy Low-sugar & Good for you Yogurt Dream Treat!



My Super Duper Healthy Low-sugar & Good for you Yogurt Dream Treat!

I love yogurt. Yogurt is good for you and has many advantages if you buy the right kind. Also, it is loaded with the good for you probiotics and Greek yogurt is loaded with protein. But, when you buy the ready made yogurt with fruit already in it, it is loaded with added sugars that most of us just do not need! Also, after having the gastric sleeve surgery, I was instructed by my surgical team to watch my carbs and increase my protein intake. So I am constantly looking for ways to eat yummy foods while also getting in the protein and also watching those pesky sugars! 

So, I have created a good for you recipe of yogurt and fruit that is high in protein without the added sugar. Fresh fruit is good for the body while processed fruits can give us the added sugars that we just don’t need. Also, finding a yogurt that is high in protein and plain gives all the benefits of a healthy food choice without the guilt. 

For this recipe, you can use almost any fruit you like. I chose fresh raspberries because #1, they were on sale, and #2 they are my fave!

Also, for added sweetness and a little kick I add Truvia and some vanilla extract.

So what is in my awesome yogurt dream treat? 

4 ingredients

Fruit of your choice (I chose raspberries) - use as little or as many as you like.

Fage 0% yogurt -(I used the 17.6 oz container this time) which is packed with 23g of protein per cup! (and only 9 grams of carbs per cup)

Truvia (sugar free/ zero calorie sweetener)

1 tsp vanilla extract

I typically will make the whole container and then scoop out what I want. This also makes it easier to scoop out servings when you want it without waiting.

For this treat, I made the batch of yogurt mixing in the Truvia and the vanilla - mixing it with a spoon and then scooped out ¾ of a cup of the yogurt mixture and topped it with the fresh berries. If you want more Truvia for sweetness on the berries, go for it. It is all about taste and what you like.

For the whole 17.6 oz container, I just used 4 packets of Truvia and this was sweet enough for me. After I made this batch, I gave some to my diabetic father who told me it tasted like whipped cream. How is that for a raving review?!?! 

I hope everyone enjoys this good for you recipe!

With love and light,

Kristin :)