The Beauty within the Body


I originally had this picture as my temporary avatar. This was shared in my bariatric support group and I could not help but copy it because I felt as it represents my continued work on my mental, physical and emotional transformation. I want to share picture this because this for me represents how I feel my physical and psychological process has been and continues to be. I wonder if this represents how others feel going through this journey as well. I have always felt like a “skinny” person on the inside this big fat suit.

The imagery in this picture really shows the work that continues to go into the journey by illustrating that it is not an overnight weight-loss but a journey of transformation. I am now working on getting out of that fat suit thanks to bariatric surgery. I have also learned that bariatric surgery is not a magic surgery but a tool just like anything else. I am using this tool to the best of my ability to continue to sculpt my body and my mind into the person that I believe myself to be and to be the person I long to become. Transformational change comes from within and can be visible on the outside. I think this picture resonates with me so much because for many bariatric patients including myself, the work is done on the “inside” through behavioral changes, cognitive changes (changing your thoughts), and the result is physical and emotional change. I hope this photo resonates with others as well and is found to be uplifting. I know it has been uplifting for me.

With love and light,

Kristin :)