When You Travel Abroad... Don't Forget Your Protein!


When you travel abroad, don’t forget your protein!

I have been gone for a month. Have you missed me? I planned to write some posts before I left but sadly, I ran out of time. I wanted to make a post about this before I left. I was meaning to, but I didn’t. I just ran out of time because of all the packing. So much packing! Now I’m back, relieved from jet leg and getting pack to posting. Yay!

For me traveling with protein is critical. My family and I went on a trip overseas a few weeks ago and we had a wonderful time. However, now that I am part of the Gastric Sleeve club (and proud of it!), I need to always have protein on hand and take some powders with me to supplement my diet.

Protein for gastric sleevers and all gastric surgery patients is part of life. Some people might disagree and that is okay, but for me, protein powder is for life. I do not see how I could otherwise get in 100g of protein a day unless I chomped on chicken breast all day and that is just not appetizing. So, I choose to use the protein powders for shakes. Sometimes I choose protein bars as well but many of the bars that I have found have too many added sugars and carbohydrates. So when traveling overseas, I generally just pack the powders for easy transport.

On this trip I ended up taking 15 packets of Unjury unflavored protein (20g per packet)  which I would use to sprinkle on my food or to add into yogurt or to transform my ice coffees into a meal.

I also chose to bring along the Celebrate brand (25g of protein per packet) of vanilla cake batter, chocolate milk, and strawberry to make shakes. Of these I took about 30 packets total. I always use milk (my choice), but I have used water as well. The directions say to use water, but if I can find skim milk, I’ll use that for the extra 8g of protein it provides. Both water and milk mix with the powder well. Another point though is that I tend to not use a shaker/blender bottle unless I am in the airport or in a place where I cannot get a blender/mixer. I like the consistency of the shake better when it is well mixed (in a blender). When we were overseas I made sure that my husband found me a mixer/blender to make my shakes and I was set! Hooray!

The blender bottles are okay but do not give me the creaminess that I like and which I get from a mixer or blender. But if all I have is the shaker bottle, it does get the job done!

I chose to take the celebrate vitamins brand with me because when I am traveling, I am horrible at remembering to take my vitamins. These have a multivitamin in the powder and also supplement with calcium -which is awesome! I always take my vitamins in my bag but many times when traveling and on vacation, I just simply forget to take them. Using celebrate vitamins protein powder packets when traveling gives me the added bonus of not having to remember my vitamins because it is built into the protein powder and also ensures I get my vitamins when I do forget to take them.

When traveling, always remember to take your protein to help you stay on track with your weight loss and maintenance. I know that these packets have helped me stay on track and even lose while I was on vacation.

It is important for you to choose powders and proteins that taste good to you and that you will use. I’ve been through many powders and shakes and I frequently switch up my protein powders so I don’t get bored with them. These just happen to be two of my favorites.

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