Hair loss after bariatric surgery - not a myth!


Hair loss after bariatric surgery - not a myth!

I don’t know why I ignored the possibility of this before surgery, but I did. I saw the “thin” me in my visualizations and ignored all the possible negative things that “could” happen as a result. Maybe this is because I like to think of myself as a positive person and try to avoid the negative self-talk.

Anyway, the thought of hair loss and what that would mean for me just did not enter into my decision whether to have surgery or not and I guess I figured I would take things as they came. I did not really start losing hair until at least 4-6 months after my surgery. Then it was coming out in clumps! It was awful. I contacted my surgical center/physician’s office of course and they suggested I up my protein and make sure that I took my vitamins.

Check and check!

Getting in the protein in the beginning was a process but by today (at about 1 year post-op), I am getting in about 100 grams of protein in a day. I got my labs done which showed I was right where I needed to be with my vitamins and my protein also looked good. So what was/is the issue? I saw my hair stylist next. She suggested biotin and after consulting again with my physician, it turns out I can have up to 10,000 mcg of biotin a day.


So I put that on my daily routine and moved along. The hair was still coming out and my pony tail was beginning to look like a rat tail, no joke! My hairstylist even joked that I might not be able to get my hair highlighted because of the damage it could potentially cause to the rest of my hair (what little left I had!!). I then ended up getting a hair, skin and nails vitamin to help with the hair loss. (Check out my next post on vitamins as well).

My hairstylist then suggested I try Nioxin which is a shampoo/conditioner product used for thinning hair. I have since switched to Bosley Medical products and will submit an update when I can effectively say whether I can tell a difference in the products. Nioxin made my hair super frizzy and I typically looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket. No bueno! I am hoping the Bosley Medical products are more about helping new hair growth instead of making the existing hair frizz (giving it more “body”).

Also, I am switching up proteins. I love my premier protein (ready made) shakes in the morning but have started using more Unjury which claims to have more benefits with regards to hair regrowth and to be a “better quality protein”. I will examine this as well and see if there is much difference since I’ve made the switch. I’m doing anything and all that I can to influence and promote new, healthy hair growth. I never thought about the psychological effects of my changing image especially the aspect of hair loss. My body is looking great and I am continuing to lose at a slow and steady pace.

However, when I see how horrible my hair looks I do get a bit sad that I am not looking a fantastic as I expected. So I have been working on this from within to be patient and gentle with myself about my own thoughts of perfectionism and how things “should” be versus how they are. Also, I recently decided to get a hair cut to chop off the rat’s tail and I welcomed a bob-cut. I have never liked myself with short hair but I welcomed the change to inspire my own self-confidence and to promote new healthy hair growth.

Since having it done, I like it much more than the rat’s tail and feel that I look much better (even with short hair) and am excited for the change. Sometimes we have to see things differently, in order for our perspective to change and to accept what is. So instead of being down and out about the rat’s tail, I cut it off and took control of a new look making myself feel better.

I hope this post inspires you to make positive changes and to see things differently as I have. Also, check out my before and after looks below. Also for those of you who would like to know more about hair loss after bariatric surgery, the causes and other remedies, please check out this article found in the Bariatric Times online magazine.

Happy Reading! 

With love and light!