Let Freedom Ring


You are on this journey for a reason and although you may not have originally thought of FREEDOM as a word to describe your journey or your process, it is definitely part of your outcome.

I know that you started this process because you wanted more choices in your life,  FREEDOM from obesity, and all that comes with.

In my own struggle with obesity, I’ve seen my weight and obesity as a prison in which I felt trapped. I remember when it was a struggle to walk outside, to move around, and I remember feeling unable to take care of myself, let alone my family. My own issues with obesity left me feeling powerless and constantly overwhelmed. When I began on this journey through and beyond bariatric surgery, it was in an attempt to get my life back and now nearly 5 years later, it is still a process through the mindset shifts.

Today, my life is completely different, and I believe that is largely due to bariatric mindset shifts which have helped me to succeed in the long-term.

This time of year, can be tough though. Summer time is when people are going on vacation and quick eats can be problematic. Whether you are in the U.S. celebrating the 4th of July or on holiday somewhere, the celebratory get-togethers typically include food and alcohol. For the bariatric patient, both alcohol and overeating can be dangerous. Alcohol, while in moderation can be fine, however, it packs a punch with regard to calories and as a bariatric post-op , your blood alcohol levels get impacted more rapidly and for a longer period of time.

So today and for the rest of summer, consciously decide what’s best for you as you let loose for fun in the sun.

Let me also be clear….. Food is not the enemy, nor is it your friend.

Food is how we nourish ourselves and that is why food is usually at every celebration, because it is used to celebrate abundance, togetherness and joy. However, the OLD you at events might have been on a diet, or feeling the need to splurge or go overboard with foods that are not healthy and more restricting of your life than offering freedom.

As you’ve entered this new phase of your life, the FREEDOM SEEKING YOU is ready for a change.

The old mindset might tell you to indulge,  while your new bariatric mindset helps you to refocus your attention on your plan of protein first, staying hydrated, and getting in some daily movement.

The honest to goodness truth is you can have delicious food, nourish your body and have a good time as a post-op. It’s all about reframing your attention to what you WANT versus what you DON’T WANT.

Meaning, if you are choosing to make this is a lifestyle change, then it’s essential to install healthy habits even on holidays to help you stay in the game. And, if you know that eating one chip will lead to eating more, then it’s probably best to bypass the chips.

Likewise, if you can make a dish that tickles your taste buds, fulfills you and is on your plan, then you are doing great!

For today and the rest of the summer, I want to share some journal prompts for you to work through this summer. You may be tempted or triggered and I believe these will help you as you aim to stay on track through the summer and beyond.

Journal Prompts:

  • What does FREEDOM mean for me in my post-op bariatric life? What does FREEDOM from obesity feel like?
  • How can I celebrate FREEDOM in my new bariatric body?
  • When I sit down to eat, how can I honor my desire for FREEDOM? (Or.. when I eat, am I honoring my desire for FREEDOM?)
  • What is the outcome if I don’t honor my desire for FREEDOM?
  • I hope these journaling prompts help you in being more conscious and reprogramming the old autopilot thinking.

    Write them in your journal or in a notebook where you can keep further entries on your progress to success. Also, if you want to share something that you’ve gained from these prompts, head on over to the Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/bariatricmindset and tag us in your post.