Motivation, how to cultivate it and keep

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

Here’s the thing...Personal development and maintaining motivation are not taught in schools. What we are taught is how to do our work, do what we are told, and fall in line. The problem with this is thatno one tells you how to deal with emotional resistance, or the ‘I don’t wanna’ feelings that come up.

Additionally,no one teaches you how to follow-through on projects, how to organize projects, how to organize your time, or anything like that. They only tell you how to do the work, and that’s it.

So,these are the things we are largely left to figure out on our own.

For many people in their younger years weight is not a problem. It’s not until they get older, get well into their career, and get caught up with all the other functions of life that the weight piles on.
Then there’s the other group (the one that I am in) that hasALWAYSalways always suffered and struggled with weight because itWAS ALWAYS A PROBLEM.For us there are likely the biochemical, genetic predictors along with potential emotional eating problems as a result of the shame that comes with not fitting into society’s expectations or mold.

So, attempting to stay motivated while dealing with the shame of weight gain can be a vicious cycle because your belief system convinces you that you’ve already lost. This is because your emotions and feelings about how you are doing enter into the equation and then you get overwhelmed by what to do, how to do it, how to do it better, andOMGGGGGGthen you get confused and then when you ‘feel’ that you do not have thePERFECTplan, or you aren’t sure you can follow through… you shutdown.

PERFECTION IS OVERRATED and… it keeps you stuck! If you wait until things are ‘perfect’, you could be waiting forever.

Then what?

In previous emails, I’ve told you about your beliefs and your emotions and how they run the show.
Today, I want to explain how you can create and sustain your own motivation, while minimizing the push-back that you get from your emotions.

First things first...remove your emotions from the equation.

Say what?

Your emotions are important for many things. However,when it comes to creating a sustainable success mindset, and helping you to follow through, your emotion mind limits you.When you try to think logically from emotion mind, you’ll lose every single time.

Let me show you how this works…

As I am sitting here writing this email, I contemplated heading into my living room for some Netflix binge watching. My emotion mind was like.. "oooh that would be so comfy, and feel sooo good!" and then logic brain said ‘yes, but if you don’t do your work and write your emails, you’ll regret it later. And.. once you get it done, you’ll feel accomplished.’  As you can see, I’m still writing you here, so… logic brain for the win!

Often times though, in our lives, logic brain loses because we give in to our impulsive urges. "go to dinner or go to the gym?"

When the impulsive urges win, we can sometimes lose because the impulses are from the ego. They are focused on ‘feeling good’ right now, which can sometimessabotage our long-term plans. Then, when giving in to those impulsive urges to forget the plans of the day -whether it be sticking to your meal plans, or going for a walk or the gym, or drinking coke instead of water, whatever that impulse may be.. you’re not focused on your long-term goals in that moment. Instead, you’re only focused on receiving pleasureIN THAT MOMENT.

And, whether that pleasure is to help you escape from reality, or to avoid pain, or for whatever reason…


When you choose the impulsive choice over what youSAIDyou wanted 6-weeks or 9 months ago, or whenever you made that contract with yourself, you have completely lost the emotional connection with that goal, and the emotional connection with the current moment takes precedent.
You have in that moment of impulsive decision making completely forgotten what you said you wanted when you created that goal or what it meant to you. Your brain completely bypassed your long-term desires and went for short-term instant gratification, because you weren’t in alignment with your true desires, and instead, you were in alignment with your ego.

The only problem with that is when you consistently choose the short-term gratification over your long-term goals, you begin create a pattern and a habit ofCHOOSINGvia impulse instead of choosing your goals. And then… when that pattern becomes your priority (via autopilot thinking and autopilot behaviors),you then BELIEVE you are a failure because you don’t even recognize WHO you are, or HOW you got there.

Does this sound familiar?

So.. how I want you to begin shifting this is by working onreminding yourself of your long-term goals DAILY. Without constant reminders, like Zig Ziglar says in the quote at the beginning of this message, that, you must motivate yourself daily.


And, if you’re not used to motivating yourself daily, then, it must become part of your practice and part of your routine.

You may have heard me say this before.. but I’ll say it again.

YOU are no different than an Olympic athlete in training, meaning, you can DO ANYTHING you set your mind to do. You can become ANYTHING you set your mind to become.

The difference is, they get up and train daily whether they want to or not. You have not created the discipline yet to cultivate that type of practice because the ONLY difference between you and them, is that they are getting up and taking action, and YOU are still giving in to the impulsive whims of your emotion mind.

So.. for today..start thinking about WHY you want to reach this goalor multiple goals? Use these questions below to guide you to your answers.  Remember, if you don’t know WHY you want it, you’ll likely fall short of achieving it because your desire won’t be strong enough. So dig deep here and get clear on WHY you want to achieve your goals.

Journaling prompts:

How will you feel when you hit your goals?
Who will you be? How will you be different that who you are now?  
What will you do? What kinds of things does this motivated person do daily? How is this different from who you are now? What will achieving this/these goal(s) do for your life, your stamina?
What will the excitement of your new body, new outlook, and new success mindset feel like?
What other areas of your life are impacted by increased confidence and a newfound love of self?

Take the answers to these questions and read them DAILY. Remind yourself why you started with visualizing the future and this helps to decrease the emotion minds’ need for instant gratification.

Additionally, when you push back on emotion mind, you are creating a new pattern. Every time your brain says "I don’t want to drink the water," or "I don’t want to do the exercise,"PUSH BACKand do it anyway. As you strengthen your follow-through muscle, it gets easier. When you first ride a bike, you may fall off, but when you keep trying, you get better and better. It’s the same with your brain.

When you train your brain, it’s even more powerful than training your body because you are changing the hardwiring in your master computer – YOUR BRAIN!

Start small and win big!

Next time we’ll talk about conquering overwhelm.

Until then, kick your motivation into high-gear and kick your impulsive side to the curb?
You ready?  Let’s do this!