Try it on for size....

Today, I want to talk to you about trying things on for size.

No, I'm not starting a fashion line, although that might not be a half-bad idea! LOL 

The truth is, our old mindset can be used to a certain way of being, and in the process of change, we can struggle with moving from the OLD to the NEW mindset.

No one said, behavior change would be easy, and yet, it is so very worth it!

In this process, it's important to recognize the emotional resistance that comes up as you prepare to change. Your inner toddler will scream "I don't wanna", and this is an opportunity to use some new skills. 

See, the 'inner toddler' is afraid of change because it's uncomfortable. My inner toddler screams loudly when I attempt to do something different, so I know this dance all too well.

One of the best things you can do when you are struggling with resistance or a case of the 'I don't wanna' is to TRY SOMETHING ON FOR SIZE..

There are many tools available and many ways to change one's behavior. Instead of being married to any tool or any idea, or any new way of doing things, tell yourself that you'll TRY IT ONand see how it fits you..

You will need to tweak the behavior because only trying something on ONCE won't be sufficient. Yet, if you try something on enough, and tweak it so it works for your lifestyle, it will get easier every time you use it!

So many of my clients love the "TRY IT ON" strategy because it speaks to their inner toddler and helps them work through the emotional resistance because they GET TO try on new things and play with it.

This is another key element.. When TRYING ON a new tool, strategy or technique, be sure to PLAY with it as you would a mad scientist. 

This makes it less 'do or die' and can release the pressure that is associated with the 'pass/fail' or 'win/lose' type of mentality... 

It helps you really evaluate what is working, and what's not working. Also, you may notice that trying something on while you have guests may NOT be the best idea, and then try it on again after they leave to see what's changed. 

See, when we explore new tools with the mind of a scientist or that of an explorer rather than that of  ... then we can actually engage with the tool itself and see how it's working in our lives.

This helps you release the grip of force, and allows more ease and flow as you try new things.

SO, just for this week, try on some new tools... and PLAY with them! Make it FUN! :) 
This is only work if you make it work, instead, make it FUN and trick your inner toddler! 

Maybe you'll take an 'exercise break' for 10-15 minutes instead of trying to hit the gym at 5am. 
Or maybe you'll challenge your co-workers to a water contest on who gets to 64oz first 
Or you can give yourself a STAR every time you resist the urge to eat off plan or when you resist the urge for a soda/carbonated beverage (yes, some people still struggle with this!!) 

So there are ways you can make this doable and incentivise (maybe I made this word up!) staying on track and pushing back on the emotional resistance. 

Share with us in the Mavens facebook group what you 'TRIED ON' this week and let us know how you push back on emotional resistance, and what works for you! 

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