A personalized toolkit for your inner saboteur & inner...

Just when you thought it was safe to run your life again.. the saboteur snuck back in..

But wait.. you've been practicing, you've been doing the work.. or so you thought....


Until you get overwhelmed.. Until life happens, and the kids have soccer, or your husband suggests you guys go out for dinner, or until you have a late night meeting, or you have to go in early to work.. Until you go on vacation and come back and don't remember how you did it before.. or you at off track on vacation and struggle with getting back on track after..

Until you realize that staying on plan is a LOT of work, because you haven't been taught the hacks, how to keep things simple, how to take things on one step at a time, how to build momentum without beating yourself up..

You get overwhelmed by meal prep, working out, prioritizing your life, what to eat, when to eat, self-care, keeping up with tracking, your bariatric basics, your love life, your family, laundry, work, extended family, friends, etc...

And so you just STOP.. You stop doing the work. You stop taking action.
And you feel like total crap because you recognize that you're falling back into OLD patterns.

It's not how you want things to be.. It's not what you committed to. It's not how you want this to end.. so you begin to beat yourself up...

And then..


I see the people who hide.
I notice when you go dormant.
I notice when you are in hiding.
I can tell when you're isolating..

and I know WHY!

I see...
The shame.
The fear.
The stress.
The overwhelm.
The not wanting to confront the issues.
The excuses that linger, but you don't want to face.

Maybe you think if you ignore them long enough, they'll go away
Maybe you think if you hide from the accountability, it will get better.
Maybe you think if you just try to figure out a plan on your own, you can make it happen.

The truth is you need NEW mindset tools to breakthrough the barrier of YOU..

The way OUT of this whole mess.. in IN..

It's about GOING DEEPER...

It's about HONORING what is..
It's about being FULLY VULNERABLE about the poor choices..
It's about COMING CLEAN about the wrong turns and owning up to the behavior..
It's about MAKING A DECISION to change ... for good.
It's about RECOMMITTING to yourself, this new post-op lifestyle, and to the person you want to become..

This process does NOT have to be as hard as it seems. It does NOT have to be difficult, or take a ton of time, but every single person does have a certain amount of work to do on themselves.

The inner saboteur and inner toddler come out when you least expect them..

And I'm here to help you get prepared for when they do..

This post-op journey is a process, it's all about creating a new lifestyle, and in order to do that, you need NEW skills, NEW tools, NEW strategies to follow through with...

This is exactly what we work on in the Bariatric Mindset Group Coaching Program..

You bring your issues and struggles on the LIVE calls, and we dissect the issue, and give you a strategy on the spot for you to implement that week!

This helps you overcome the inner saboteur and the inner toddler...

As you gain new tools, you're post-op process and life are transformed..
The only thing missing is YOU..

You show up. You do the work. You share your struggles. You get the tools. You implement them. You gain new successes!

This is how it works.

In our group we are loving, supportive and positive. As your coach and guide, I will always lovingly call you out on what's not working and give you tools to improve.

We are a #noshamezone

This is all about SHIFTING YOUR MINDSET for the long-term. Don't let another sad day go by frustrated at yourself. It's time to take a step in a new direction for YOU and your health.

There is no quick fix. But there are solutions that you can implement today!
Enrollment closes May 1st.. you won't want to miss this!

Put yourself back in the driver's seat and take back control of your brain and behavior.