Almost halfway through the year - Redirection over...

We are almost 6 months or ½ way through 2019 - the year is moving fast! Many of us set goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and some of us have let those go by the wayside and some are still plugging away. Again though, I ask about the in between since that is where we are now! We often don’t think about the ‘messy middle’’. The only thing they think about is starting the goal and completing the goal.

The thing that no one tells you about goal setting is what to do with your plans when life takes a nosedive, a left turn, or when life goes to hell in a handbasket. No one tells you what to do when things get super uncomfortable or difficult, or when you feel like you’ve lost direction or motivation.

This is NOT the time to quit, it’s time to REDIRECT your intentions or your approach.

The key is being flexible and constantly redirecting yourself on the path to your goal. Most recently I saw a talk given by a famous business guru, Brian Tracy. In this talk, he shared a story about how pilots fly planes and the constant course correction they face when flying. He said that while pilots know their final destination the entire flight they are redirecting and re-guiding the plane to stay on course to the final destination.

You see, the wind picks up and can be blowing in different directions and without the pilot’s constant redirection, the plane can easily be directed off course. It may only be a few degrees difference here or there, but without the redirection of the pilot, it could be the difference in landing in LaGuardia versus JFK, or bigger difference such as landing in Michigan instead of Wisconsin. And, wouldn’t that be awful if you ended up in a place you didn’t intend to?

How is that any difference in what you are doing now? You intend to set goals and achieve them, but when you get off course for one reason or another, you end up feeling like a failure or quitting instead of using a course correction or redirection.

The point is, that on your journey to ‘goal’ and whatever that may look like for you, you’ll have a series of redirections and course corrections.

The famous Tony Robbins is known for saying, "Stay committed to your decisions, but be flexible with your approach."

On your journey, there will be tough days where you may be off track but the point is to help you see that if you don’t use a course correction, you could end up right back where you started..

  • Blaming Yourself

  • Feeling Defeated

  • Recycling Old Negative Self-Talk

  • Reverting to Old Belief Systems

  • Succumbing to Autopilot Behaviors

You didn’t begin this journey with the intention of starting back at the beginning, yet when you don’t learn to course correct, that’s what ends up happening.

Life happens, and it’s inevitable that people will get off track. It’s not a matter of IF you get off track, it’s a matter of WHEN. This is because no one can be 100% on track 100% of the time. Yet when many get off track, they see it as a finality instead of an opportunity to grow and learn from the situation.

So instead of asking ‘why is this happening to me?’, it’s time to ask, ‘what can I learn from this?" Instead of feeling frustrated and defeated, encourage yourself to take ONE baby step.

Yet learning can be uncomfortable. Many people will try to avoid being uncomfortable as way to avoid the pain of growth. However, when they do this, they are also avoiding the result of that potential growth as well.

The truth is, when you avoid the pain, you also avoid the growth, the transformation, and the joy… you would also be avoiding the success that would come from working through the process, and I know you aren’t consciously trying to avoid success.

Am I right?

So as you go through this post-op WLS process, remind yourself that the pain of change is there to help you become the person you’ve set out to become. Going through the darkness will lead you to the light.

Going through the struggles will help you get better, stronger, and as you progress, the path does get easier. But when you avoid the pain, you end up getting more pain.

"There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain. " – R.D. Laing

When we work on moving past the pain of staying the same, the uncomfortable emotions, emotional eating, and so on, we are embracing the growth, the process, the journey, and in turn, embracing the transformation.

If you are ready to create your greatest masterpiece, it would be yourself.

And, there are three big things to remember from this message today…

  1. You must learn to course correct. It’s part of the process.

  2. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key to overcoming obstacles and getting to goal.

  3. No matter what phase you are in, when you get back up after a fall, you’re still in the game and that IS a success!

I hope this email has helped you see what you may not have seen before. I want to help you grow into your best self to live your most fulfilled life after weight loss surgery.

Remember, it was stomach surgery, not brain surgery. The mindset lessons will give you the greatest growth as they will teach you to flex your ‘follow through’ muscle.