Are you ready to give up what made you sick?

There used to be a time when I recognized the food I was eating was hurting me. I knew I was harming myself and I did it anyway. I didn't know how else to cope with the emotions.

And... at that time, I didn't even realize it was my emotions that were driving me to eat.

So, rather than feel, or deal, I ate.

This was how I landed at over 400lbs to begin with!

I avoided dealing with 'the stuff'.... the issues, the feelings, the boundaries, the responsibility, the shame, the guilt... all of it.. I AVOIDED.

One of the things I recognized after surgery was how deep the wounds went and how often I'd used food to cope, and to self-soothe.

This became a reality when I tried to return to old foods and became violently ill...

My pouch said.. "oh hell no, we are not doing that anymore!"

As if my pouch could talk, HA! but it was loudly yelling into the toilet no less....

The point is.. this doesn't happen for everyone. I realized in that moment, that this was a blessing not a curse. I had to do something different and I had to work on myself.

Flash forward, in my work with many individuals (mostly women), I recognize that not everyone has the blessing of getting sick. Some people can eat whatever, whenever...

Some people return to soda. Some people return to slider foods and they graze. Some people push the food down to fit more in..

Some people aren't aware that they are making themselves more sick by returning to old habits. And, some of them know it..

The point here is not to blame, shame or guilt anyone into getting 'back on track' - however I often hear, the phrase 'WHAT CAN I DO?'

Well, while I'm always a proponent of starting back to the basics.. even before that you MUST recommit to yourself AND.....

Recommit to the process of GIVING UP WHAT MAKES YOU SICK!

I have a LOT of compassion for struggling folks.. I really do..

But the answer is not in forcing change if you're not ready...

Instead, you need to start the process of GETTING READY for the changes you desire to make.

When you say one thing, and do another - you're clearly not ready to recommit. You may SAY you want it.. but your actions display that you're really not ready..

So instead of hating on yourself for not being ready and potentially repeating old behavior patterns, you MUST get ready to recommit.

The cycle of blame, shame, and guilt can be so strong that you may repeat negative cycles because you don't know how to cope.

So today, whether it's you, or someone you know and love - I'm going to help you get ready.

In typical fashion, I'm going to give you some steps to prepare for the journey ahead...

Before recommitting yourself to yourself, your bariatric journey, your post-op bariatric life, and to your bariatric basics, you've got to address the following: what makes you sick, how important it is to you to STAY sick, how important it is for you to get WELL, prioritizing your WELLNESS, and then... stepping in to RE-COMMITMENT.

1. WHAT IS MAKING ME SICK? What are the habits, foods, coping mechanisms, behavioral responses, etc... that continually make you sick? WRITE THEM OUT. Make a list of the things that push you backwards, end up hurting you in the long-run, and that you reach for when you're stressed, struggling, or that lead you off track consistently. Then.. really look at this list.. stare at it. Get super real with yourself. Add more commentary if it helps you see the patterns of behavior, or the foods/habits/behaviors that are keeping you sick and stuck.

2. WHAT HAPPENS IF NOTHING CHANGES? Play this story out in your journal. Where will you be in a year, 5 years, 10 years, if absolutely NOTHING changes. If you continue using the habits, foods, coping mechanisms and behaviors that continually make you sick, or return you to your pre-op self... how would you feel? What would life be like? What would that mean for you?

Ask yourself why you need these things? What do they provide to you? What do they give you? How are they benefiting your life? What's the draw?? Are they really that important? Are they more important than your goals?

4. WHERE/ WHO DO I REALLY WANT TO BE? Ask yourself where you want to be? What are your goals? What would it be like to reach goal weight or close to it? What would it be like to be a smaller pant size? How would that feel? Who do you want to become? What would that mean to you? How will achieving your weight loss goals change your life?

5. WHAT WOULD IT FEEL LIKE TO CHANGE? Then write out what it would be like to live a life where you put your health, and happiness in front of the immediate gratification of a quick fix.Ask yourself: What might that feel like? What would it feel like to turn down food? What would it feel like to say no? What would it feel like to do things that are good for you? What would it feel like to eat bari-friendly meals? What would it feel like to use tools to help you manage your emotions? What would it feel like to get a hold of your stress? What would it feel like to nurture your inner toddler instead of spanking him/her for crying out?

6. WHAT DOES CHANGE LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? What steps in using the bariatric basics would best serve you? How can you start small to gain traction to back on track? What steps would you take? What does it look like? How does it feel? Is it freeing? Does it put you back in control? Do you feel powerful? What feelings come up?

Do ONE thing to recommit to your journey - ONE step at a time.

This recommitment plan helps you to GET SUPER REAL with yourself. The only person sabotaging you IS YOU. The only person making you sick, IS YOU. The only one who can SAVE you, IS YOU.

I'm only here to empower you, and help you put the power back in your hands... you may think you are powerless, but in fact, you are powerful. This journey is about you getting healthy, in more ways than one. You can do this, all you need is a little faith and elbow grease.

I hope this message has served you well today in your journey! Use it wisely.. we all need a boost sometimes..