Getting Unstuck

I hear these words frequently... "I'm stuck and I don't know what to do"

When I hear this, I know that the person is struggling with fear, desperation, and are struggling to get a grip on change.

In a society where we frequently look for a magic bullet, it is important to know that....There is NO magic bullet.

In this process, one of the biggest obstacles one must overcome is that of self-trust.

Similar to the "I'm stuck and I don't know what to do" statement, I also hear, I can't trust myself.

I understand why you feel this way, yet the road to self-trust begins with baby steps to trust.
And... the path to getting unstuck starts with ONE step in DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

See, we all have patterns of behavior. If your pattern is to do great all day and then you struggle with coming home and stuffing your face.. the thing that needs changing is your behavior and routinewhen you get home.

In order to break the cycle and build self-trust at the same time, you must DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY. The autopilot brain may head straight to the fridge, and the conscious brain must intervene to say, 'no, we're not going that route today..."

THIS is how change begins. YOU DECIDE!!

This whole process begins with a decision. The idea that you're stuck implies you need saving. The idea that you are powerless over your behavior implies you have absolutely no contribution to the decision making process. The idea that you don't trust yourself implies you're in a cycle of consistent self-betrayal.

All of these things imply something that is finite and implies you are unable to change and this is a problem with the pattern of thinking.


However, most people decide to change EVERYTHING all at once, and this makes them even more stuck because overwhelm sets in. In essence, they recreate the failure cycle by taking on too much too soon, and instead of changing, they are right back to where they started..

In the THINKING/FEELING pattern of STUCK..

How you get UNSTUCK... is by starting small. Your brain needs time to adapt. Your brain needs slow and steady. And you want to build self-belief, consistency, and traction!!

While slow and steady is NOT the path the quick weight loss, it is the path to lasting weight loss when you create long-term lasting behavioral change.

So many people want quick weight loss, and I understand why. You want to see results quickly. Yet, when you take on the all or nothing patterns, you quickly get overwhelmed and throw in the towel.

This is why the integration of baby steps is far more successful in the long-term because you've adapted into it.

And YES, we live in a society where 'gimme gimme gimme' - the instant gratification impulses take over... This is also why so many people jump to try the quick fixes because they REALLY want to believe they will work. And when they don't, they are once again disappointed.

Then when learning to self-soothe in OTHER WAYS - without food, you can keep these little monsters at bay.

And, when you do this... (learn to self-soothe, make smaller steps to change, etc..) you are BUILDING the self-trust muscle which creates a new pattern from within.

The old ways aren't working. The old ways build resentment, distrust, self-hatred both inside and out, and they keep you stuck.

Your old patterns of behavior leave you feeling helpless, powerless and different from others.

Once again, the truth is, you aren't that different at all. You just haven't practiced the tools long enough to make them stick.

Remember - this is a marathon, not a sprint!!

Getting unstuck like most else, is a process and it begins by YOU making new and empowering CHOICES!


1. DECIDE TO CHANGE (one thing this week!)
2. PRACTICE (that one thing this week!)
3. CHEER YOURSELF ON (when you see you are practicing it!)
4. PICK YOURSELF UP & DUST YOURSELF OFF (when you potentially fall if/when not consistent with your one thing!)
5. SHOW YOURSELF COMPASSION (because this is hard!)
6. RETURN TO PRACTICING (this is how you build consistency and self-trust - you keep trying!)
7. FLEX YOUR SELF-TRUST MUSCLES (because you are starting to build a new pattern within your brain and behavior and because you picked yourself up quick!)
8. MAKE THE DECISION TO CONTINUE (because YOU are worth it!)

In all honesty, there's NO quick fix, or no magic to getting unstuck.. It starts in the trenches. It starts when you DECIDE. It starts when YOU start.

The common denominator here is YOU.. and you have everything it takes to get started.

Choose ONE thing this week, and let's get going! MISSION UNSTUCK starts now