Has summer thrown you off?

Summer is definitely here. Last month I wrote an article about summer and it seems that so many people resonated with it, that I wanted to discuss it again.

Summer is the time everyone goes on vacations, school is out, teachers are resting, barbecues and family reunions happen most often, etc.

This is also when things slow down in a lot of places, and while life seems to be ALWAYS busy, this is when many people tend to get thrown off by life.

And, then because they are overwhelmed, they think they need to WAIT until life slows down. Remember that email a few weeks ago where I suggested that you "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." - You can find that message again here.

This week, it's important that you pause, reflect, and initiate a restart for what you want the summer to bring.

Would you like to get back on track, or stay on track? Would you like to move into the Fall season with confidence and ease?

Would you like to master your habits, and feel better in your body?

What is it that you can work through this summer that would create a better life for you moving forward?

All of these questions can be answered when you slow down and get in touch with yourself, and focus on what you want or need to be working on.

See, more than anything, I see bariatric patients freaking out because:

they aren't "there" yet...
they don't know "what" to focus on...
they fear they are falling behind...
they don't know where to begin...
and/or they are just generally overwhelmed with the process

So instead of staying stagnant, take a step back, breathe a little, and work on something that is doable just for this week. Get in a flow of taking action on something that you know you CAN follow through with..

Then, move onto another area next week.

Maybe this week you focus on moving your body, and next week you focus on meal prep.
Or maybe this week you focus on setting boundaries, and next week, you focus on feeling good in your body.

Each person's journey is different, which is why it's so important to recognize what is coming up for you, and working at your own pace.

This isn't a competition, it isn't a race, and you're going at the pace you need to go, receiving knowledge and learning as you go. Even if you think you are messing up, there's a lesson to be learned in this process.

As we move into this first week of July, and the second half of 2019, it is important that you look at what you want to achieve the second half of this year, and start to put a mini action plan in place.

What can you start with?
Where do you want to grow?
What is happening in your life that may be preventing you from achieving this? -OR-
What is happening in your life that is allowing growth to unfold, even if you feel the timing is off?
What can you do now to help you grow?
What is one small step you can take toward the life you desire?

Feel free to share this in the Bariatric Mindset Mavens group as you expand your horizons into the second half of this year.

Or reply and let me know what you're working on.

And, if you need additional guidance - the Bariatric Mindset Mastery Membership is opening soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more details!!