"I always try my best and never give up"

From a very young age, we are instilled with certain values, and taught patterns, rules, and principles.

When I was a child, I remember that my father ruled with what seemed like an iron fist. Children were to be seen and not heard. Our opinions didn't matter. We should be quiet, demure, and still. God help us if we got up from the dinner table before he was done, or if we left food on our plate. I grew up as part of the clean your plate club which was also part of what instilled food issues into my head at an early age. As children we were expected to be perfect, and when we weren't (which was most of the time) we were punished for it.

While we tried to behave, kids will be kids, right? So, when we did act up, my parents put the fear of God in us and that led to an upbringing of fear. Fear of doing something wrong. Fear of not doing something good enough (or being good enough). Fear of messing up. Fear of..... you name it..

Does this at all sound like how you might have grown up?

As my son grows up, I'm doing my best to instill a different set of values. Around the time he turned 5, we enrolled him in martial arts. It teaches discipline, focus, community, compassion, and confidence in himself.

This morning at the breakfast table, my 6 year old son and I were having a conversation about his reading. He has stumbled over a word and I encouraged him to keep sounding it out. He finally got it and shouted to me from the dining table.. "Mommy, I got it.. See, I always try my best and never give up!" While this is one of the tenants of his martial arts program, it's also part of what I teach in my bariatric mindset programs as well.

So when he shouted this at me, this was pure GOLD in my eyes and music to my ears!!

As weight loss surgery patients, we have tried the YEARS of the fad diets, the YEARS of attempting to restrict, hold back, "be good", etc. And that is such an old and outdated model of being.

Weight and weight loss is NOT about deprivation. It's NOT about fear based thinking. It's NOT about shame, blame, or guilt. It's NOT about restriction. And... It's NOT about dieting at all.

In fact, it's about health, living your best life, finding new life hacks, bari-friendly food hacks, and new ways of being that weren't there before. IT'S ABOUT MINDSET!

It's time to throw out the old way of being. It's time to throw away the OLD FEARS taught to us by our parents. Even if you had the best of parents with the best of intentions, they were living from an old model of scarcity (think great depression era!), the old model of fear based ideologies, the old model of shaming you into taking action, etc.

THESE DON'T WORK ANYMORE... and they only cause more pain, and they cause you to want to GIVE UP... because your mindset is geared towards "WHY BOTHER" mentality.

This is why I teach a new mentality of ALWAYS trying your best and never giving up.

There is a saying "It does not matter how SLOWLY you go, as long as you DO NOT STOP." - Confucius. Yet so many people struggle with REGAIN..... WHY? Because at some point in time.. not only did they stop, but they started moving in the OPPOSITE direction.

And, others struggle with staying on track... WHY? Because they haven't figured out that going SLOWLY is better than not going at all!

And, others struggle with their inner demons, attempting to deprive and restrict, living in the old diet mentality... WHY? Because they haven't learned how to master their brain and use new behavioral tools along with their WLS tool.

And, others struggle with fear of failure.... WHY? Because they're so afraid of messing up that they don't take action which keeps them stuck... and they haven't changed their mindset to see a different perspective of go slow, small steps, no matter what.

And, others take on too much too soon, end up in a state of overwhelm and then STOP!.... WHY? Because they are still stuck in the old diet mentality of trying to do everything all at once which causes self-sabotage and failure cycles.. leading them to giving up instead of trying again.

This is why I teach what I teach in the BARIATRIC MINDSET GROUP PROGRAM.


I teach you to keep going despite setbacks.
I teach life hacks that help you make things simpler.
I teach daily habits that help lift you up.
I teach mindset tools that give you a perspective shift so you can see your progress.
I teach from a success model instead of from a failure model...
I teach new ways of being and doing that help you gain traction WHILE living a crazy busy life..
I teach on building confidence, setting healthy boundaries, and better interpersonal communication.
I teach on using a self-care routine to build self-acceptance, better body image and self-love.

THIS... and so much more is part of the deeper training...

In the program, you have time each month where YOU get to talk about YOUR specific issues and get personalized feedback on YOUR JOURNEY.

If you're ready to flip the old script and learn new ways of being and doing.. to take back control of your brain and behavior - THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU!

If you're ready to put an end to the struggle cycle, the shame spirals, and the isolation because you feel like a failure - THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU!

We lift you up, no matter what.
We call you out on your BS excuses, and set you back on the course to success.
We cheer you on when you are walking your talk.
We find you when you're hiding or isolating.
We support you when you're struggling.
We hold you accountable when you commit to new actions.
And we are there every step of the way...

This is your time, and it's up to you to take the next step...

ENROLLMENT is open through MAY 1st... our group turnover starts MAY 1st.. and our first group call is MAY 8th...

Don't hesitate.. don't wait.. the time is now.. to do your best and never give up!

For more information check out all that is included HERE!

Expand Your Mindset, Shrink Your Body.. SEE YOU ON THE INSIDE!!