In case you need a reminder, there is NOTHING wrong with...

I used to think there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with me.

I don't go into depth about this in my book Bariatric Mindset Success, but I will say that after seeing therapist after therapist and seeing doctor after doctor, I began to think I was an anomaly and something was seriously wrong with me because before surgery the weight didn't stay gone. It was frustrating and I didn't understand until long after surgery what the patterns of behavior were... And the truth was.. I was largely INCONSISTENT and irregular in my behaviors.

The thing I've realized over the years is that the old patterns of behavior get comfortable and become the norm. The way to create lasting lifestyle change is to change ONE thing at a time slowly, rather than trying to change everything all at once.

You want it all at once, I get it. Yet, your brain can't handle running all circuits at full-blast for very long.. that's how you'll reach system overload and then stop. You'll blame yourself for quitting when it really was just YOU taking on too much too soon.

This is the truth behind why slower is better, and why CONSISTENCY rules.

You may think you want fast, fast, fast, yet when you try that, you don't get very far.

And.. when you try to do everything all at once.. you end up crashing and burning...

So, instead of thinking something is wrong with you...

STOP: expecting results in 24-48 hours (or even two weeks!)
STOP: putting everything on yourself all at once
STOP: resisting the work
STOP: making excuses for bad habits
STOP: thinking there is something wrong with you
STOP: quitting before you actually start


START: with a daily action plan of just ONE thing (water? tracking? movement?)
START: by checking in on your progress every 4-6 weeks (yes, it takes that long!)
START: giving yourself encouragement DAILY and WEEKLY
START: finding alternatives to your trigger foods
START: digging into your own mental stuff and do the necessary inner work
START: practicing new steps (over and over and over)
START: creating healthy habits that replace the old bad habits

See the thing is.... (and you have probably heard this a ZILLION times)...


THIS IS NOT and I repeat... THIS IS NOT a diet...

THIS IS A FOREVER CHANGE that you want to stick...

And you've got to build CONSISTENCY over time..

(I hate math, but just for you I'm gonna do math!)


How do you do that?

By changing things ONE step at a time, NOT trying to do everything all at once.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your body.. YOU CAN CHANGE.. when you make small measurable changes, they show up in your results over time.

Your momma took 40 whole weeks to build your beautiful soul, and whenever you want to see some magnificent changes, you've got to remember that good things take time.

There is a quote that I love... "When things don't happen right away, REMEMBER: it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota." - Unknown

When you are making changes to your body, remember that results take time, permanent results take time.

There is NOTHING wrong with you, and there is the reminder that to make the changes stick, you need to be patient, persistent, and put in the WORK! Day in, and day out.

Love yourself. Do the work. Practice. Practice. Practice.

I hope this guides you to make some small changes this week! And remember this journey is a marathon, not a sprint!