Self-care is soothing for the soul

The day to day can be a rat race. From here to there, trying to get everything done, plan, prep, work, live, take care of family, get the kids from here to there, etc.

It’s important to take note of the moments and to be present as often as possible. #mindfulness

Self-care is more than bubble baths, or a trip to the nail salon (did you see my email from Tuesday??). It’s also putting yourself to bed early, getting a solid workout in, and calling yourself out on your excuses.

Self-care is much more than relaxing splurges, it’s also recognizing your own BS when you see it.

But wait.. how do we do that? Part of this process is BEING AWARE OF YOUR PATTERNS.

What are your patterns? What comes up when you desire taking care of you?
What comes up when you attempt to put self-care into action? And.. what does self-care look like for you?

I expect it looks different for everyone, yet there's one key to bringing it all together....


Mindfulness helps you process in the present moment like nothing else will.

So often when you are going through something tough, you might avoid feeling because it's painful. Mindfulness helps you to remember what's most important so you can move through difficult times with greater ease.


Similarly, mindfulness helps you practice soaking up the good moments so that you can cultivate a practice of gratitude and thankfulness for what you do have.

So often we focus on what's going wrong, or where we aren't yet.. instead of focusing on what's going right, how we can improve, or focusing on where we want to be going?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

This ends up feeling like complaining or like life isn't going well. The truth is, what you focus on EXPANDS...

So if you focus on feeling like crap, or if you're focused on how little money you have, or if you're focused on how it feels like everyone takes advantage of you.. well...
You're going to end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, if you start shifting that to.. how might I change this? How can I see this differently? What can I do differently to change this situation? How might my situation be changed in the future?, etc....
See, no one is stuck where they are. Even if you are on social security and hanging out in a wheelchair, your situation can change if you want it to change. As you are a product of your thinking and what you believe to be true, you have the power to change any situation based on how you perceive it, and what might be done differently.

Not to mention the power of gratitude. Gratitude changes your brain and can help you to see things differently. Gratitude improves psychological health. ... Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., a leading gratitude researcher, has conducted multiple studies on the link between gratitude and well-being. His research confirms that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.

And... practicing gratitude is a form of self-care!!

Are you focused on what's going RIGHT in your life? Or are you focused on what's not yet perfect, what is not yet up to your standards, what is NOT going well, or what you absolutely despise??? Are you focused on where you feel stuck, or where you feel powerless, or are you focused on change, empowerment, and moving out of where you don't want to be?

Recently I read an article that complaining over time can actually lead to a mindset that promotes anxiety and depression, leading to more unpleasant thoughts and experiences - thus perpetuating the cycle of depression and anxiety and guess what.. MORE complaining! This was mind-opening because so often people complain about things they can't control and feel powerless to do anything about it.

Yet, when you focus on what's within your control, what you can change, what you can work on, and what is within your control - you can realize that your RESPONSES and your behaviors are all part of that list.

This is why I put it into this self-care email. Tuesday we learned that self-care is not all roses and bubble-baths, but is also calling yourself out on the old beliefs and negative behaviors. Self-care is standing up FOR yourself to yourself in times of necessity because you don't want the old self-sabotaging behaviors to win out. Self-care is also working to change your mindset for the long-term because the OLD behaviors, OLD habits, OLD mindset, and OLD patterns of limited thinking NO LONGER SERVE YOU...

This is why I believe self-care, compassion, and loving yourself hard (tough love) are integral to your long-term growth!!

When you call yourself out, you're essentially calling out the ego and working on a self-transformation. The old part of you is no longer needed on this journey, and this new you is being birthed. There are parts of the old you that you may miss, and parts that you'll say good riddance to. The point here is that this is deeper that mindset work, it's deeper than weight loss, it's calling yourself into a whole person transformation...

In this post-op process, you're doing so much more than changing your body, you're also becoming the person who you've always meant to become and that friends, is a transformation...

That's why I say that self-care is soothing for your soul.. it's more than mindset, it's more than the physical, it's more than releasing emotions, it's also letting go of the old you so that the new you can bloom and blossom fully and completely.

When you take care of you and apply self-care fully and completely - the good, the tough love, and all of it.. you're calling yourself into a new way of being.. and this.. is more than physical, it's soothing to your soul.

It's calling you to be the person you've always wanted to be...

So for your self-care this week.. what's tough for you to call out? What's important for you to integrate or for you to put into practice?

What are you no longer willing to tolerate in your life?
What's holding you back from who you're meant to become?
What steps do you need to take to step into who you want to be?

I know these are BIG questions.. and I'm asking them because I want to help guide you to becoming the person you want to be...

Self-care can start with drinking your water, going to the gym, getting enough sleep, eating your protein, journaling, and getting that occasional massage... but it's also calling out the behaviors and patterns that are blocking you from your full potential.

Lean into that.. lean into knowing what that is.. lean into asking yourself the hard questions and practicing the awareness of what is and what you want your life to look like instead..

I hope this email empowers you to dig deeper and practice more KNOWING so you can implement the DOING...

Sending you lots of love and light to move forward with your own self-care routine..