The excuses of daily life.. "I’m going to wait until..."

There’s never a good time to begin, ... Anything!

I see this all the time in the post-op journey. People who SAY they are ready for change, and then Life happens.. well because LIFE always HAPPENS!!

I was recently speaking at a support group meeting and as I was preparing for my talk, it was strongly put on my heart to talk about what happens when LIFE HAPPENS..

So often with my clients, in support groups, and in my work, I hear ALL the excuses, the troubles, the obstacles that keep people from reaching their goals, and it's usually because LIFE is outside of their control.

And, if you don't know what I mean.. let me explain a little deeper.

Kids and grandkids are graduating this time of year from pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college. Summer has officially started and this may seem like an AWFUL time to start focusing on your journey. Not just that though.. I see where life takes people on different twists and turns in their journey.. again, because that's part of life. Sometimes, it's good. Sometimes, it's not.

Similarly, I see people say, I can't because.... grandma just went to hospice, or I have to see my mom, or we are moving, or we are putting the house up for sale, or we are moving across the country or, I just got a new job and my work is just SOOOO busy, or I just got a new health diagnosis, or I don't have time, or I am so overwhelmed, or a friend of ours just moved in, or it's not a good time right now... or ....."LIFE" ...... or .... FILL IN THE BLANK..

What I observe them saying is.... "I can't because (situation + belief about the situation)" which then equals justification of current behaviors due to those old beliefs, which becomes a settled outcome that they are unhappy about.


The truth is.. it doesn't matter WHAT you are going through or what is happening in your life, YOU CAN choose to change, or you can choose NOT to change.

You don't need to wait until the storm passes because there will always be another storm. There will always be SOMETHING that comes up to distract you or take you off course.

That's the problem! That's life! That's part of the issue.

if you don't recognize how to deal with life during the most stressful times, when everything seems to go haywire, how can you ever deal with life at all?

NEWSFLASH!! Most of life is outside of our control.. and the idea that we CAN control things is a myth. Furthermore the goal is not to CONTROL life, but to take the twists and turns with ease and grace so that you can stay ON the raft instead of ending up in the water..

One of my favorite quotes that sums this up is...


Procrastination brain tells you that there is a better time, when things will slow down, when things will get easier, when you have more money, when the kids go back to school...


When are you going to stop WHEN-ing yourself?

When are you going to recognize that LIFE doesn't stop for twists, turns, blessings, or struggles?

How long is it going to take you to realize that you are worth it now?

How long is it going to take for you to recognize that if you don't work on making your life better today, it won't get better by change.. in truth, it gets better by choice.

When you choose to put yourself on the back burner, you are in essence choosing to live a life for others and not yourself, and at some point down the road you're going to wonder "what happened' or "how did I let it get this far" or "why didn't I ever make it to goal", or ... something else.

So while there is a part of you that is likely telling yourself.. I'll start next week, or next month, or at the end of summer....

The truth is when you STOP yourself before you ever START, you're denying yourself the journey and the destination.

So before you stop yourself... ask yourself what you'll be missing out on? Ask yourself, what you are settling for... Ask yourself what you REALLY TRULY want.. and see if that makes a difference...

Also, if there's a part of you that is still not ready to give up soda, or ice cream, or sugar, or whatever it is... because of summer or because you're uncomfortable, or because of whatever reason.. ask yourself if that item, if that uncomfortable emotion is willing giving up your goal or desired outcome.. Are you willing to trade soda, ice cream, sugar, or a summer of eating for the rest of your life? Are you willing to trade putting things off because you're uncomfortable now for something that could give you so much more meaning, happiness or satisfaction or pleasure in your life??

This is why I write these emails.. to force you to go deeper because nothing happens when you stay on the surface.. In order for you to truly change, you've got to grasp your desires at the CORE and feel them. Your core desires for your life don't lay around, they are buried deep within you and I call upon you to seek them out so you can recognize what you TRULY want, so that you can FULLY live a life you are in love with.

So... just for today, ask yourself if these OLD habits are worth the price you'll pay if you keep going with them.

Ask yourself if you're willing to start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can...regardless of the busyness, of the kids/grandkids being home, vacation starting, etc...

There will be more cake, there will more soda, there will be more chips, there will be more (fill in the blank here).. those food items aren't going anywhere, and if you have the mindset that you'll be missing out or they will go away or be depleted, you're essentially training your brain to want them more (instead of less) and recognizing you don't need them to have a great summer or great life, or great whatever right now... is part of the perspective that needs shifting.

Right now, the only thing keeping you away from your goals is the mindset that you're missing out on these things. The truth is, when you live FULLY authentically and turn down the things that COST you your goals, you're moving in the direction you desire..

But when you continue to remain in your old behaviors, continuing to buy into the excuses, and you allow those foods or those limiting beliefs to have power over you, you are only cheating yourself.

Take one step today to move closer to the life you want...

BE YOUR OWN PRIORITY, regardless of what life throws at you.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

I'm challenging you to do ONE thing.

What step will you take today?