The workout routine that will change your life

This past week a lot about working out popped up in my newsfeed and it reminded me of a professional training I went to about two months ago.

This was a mind-body-spirit therapy training where we learned about wellness, the importance of the gut microbiome, the impact of spirituality, and how movement (fitness) impacts the mind and body. Of course they talked about how exercise and fitness raises one's endorphins and serotonin, which are very important for mood regulation.

However, the instructor also gave us a bit of a quiz.. she asked us.. "What is the most effective workout/fitness/exercise regimen above all else?"

And of course hands were raised and people were screaming out answers left and right...


"NO... ZUMBA!"


"21 DAY FIX!"





and of course this went on for a few minutes.. all the while the instructor was shaking her head "no" to all of the answers.

Once the class quieted down and everyone was looking around like.. okay, what's the answer?

She quietly replied..

The most effective workout/fitness/exercise routine is................


Now.. some of you may be like.... "WHAT?!?!"

The honest to God truth is.. that most people are not consistent with their workout/exercise/fitness regimen and that's the BIGGEST problem.

From a behavioral change standpoint, it only matters that you TAKE ACTION, period!

So, if you like to dance, DANCE!
If you like kickboxing, do KICKBOXING!
If you like yoga, do YOGA!


I don't have to spout that 150 minutes of physical activity per week makes your heart healthier, your mind happier, and your body more agile. YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY because it's shared everywhere.

The most important thing is that YOU do what makes you smile, what gets your heart-rate up, and gets you movin' and groovin'! (and... of course DISCLAIMER: make sure that your physician has cleared you for physical activity before you begin ANY exercise program).

Lifestyle change is all of this... making sure that you are ENJOYING what you are doing because when you enjoy your fitness/workouts/exercise regimen, you'll do it more.

And, it doesn't have to happen inside a GYM.

At least twice a week in my house we have full on EDM (electronic dance music) dance parties in our living room. While I'm totally missing the flashing lights that we'd see in a typical dance club, the vibe is still quite FUN!

See, in my 20s when I was yo-yo-ing between 290-360 at any given time, I wouldn't have dared step foot in a nightclub because of my own shame and self-worth issues. Also, what would I wear? This was my own self-hatred that kept me locked up instead of having fun that all my skinny friends were having.

Now as a much older and wiser (and thinner) version of myself, I refuse to let myself miss out on the fun. And, while I won't go to dance clubs for different reasons now, I know I can have the same amount of fun dancing in my living room than I would in a hot and sweaty club. Plus, I prefer not to bump into strangers that are on drugs when I'm dancing, which is why I prefer dancing at home!

Nonetheless, I still get the movement in. I break a good sweat, I have fun, and I'm getting all the endorphins that I would get if I went out to the club.

Similarly, I have the option to ride a bike at the gym, stream and do yoga in my living room from YouTube, or life weights if I choose.. all of these things are things that I LIKE TO DO.. and that's why I consistently do them.

I have clients that prefer swimming to treadmills- and this keeps them active!
I have other clients that prefer kickboxing and aerobics to solo activities because the LOVE the community that classes provide.

Whatever gets you going, whatever starts your engine, DO THAT, because that will be the thing that gets you coming back for more!

Also, I hear people say "Well, Kristin, I'm really not an exercise kind of person."

Well, friend, neither am I, which is why I do dance parties in my living room!

It's your MINDSET that needs a shift because moving your body in any fashion which helps boost your endorphins, and gets your blood moving, is one that will help your overall health and wellness... It's not what you do, it's that you do it.. CONSISTENTLY!

When you stop thinking about working out, fitness, and exercise as something you HAVE to do, and think about it as something that is really positive, amazing, and healthy for you body that you GET to do.. and when you MAKE IT FUN, everything changes!!

So, before you poo-poo this email, start to make a list of what you like doing..

I know some people that do gardening as a sport and feel AH-MAZING after.

I know some people that love hiking because it gets them outdoors.

The only thing that matters is that you move your body consistently and you'll start to see a shift in how you feel (mood booster!) and you'll see how it also impact your overall health and well-being physically too.

Start to write down multiple ways you can move your body for optimal health. It doesn't need to be a gym, or a class... do what feels good, and do it often. As long as you're moving, it counts!
Have a great week and let's get moving! xoxo