What you think is the problem, is not actually the...

On this journey I see so many people struggling with this process, their mindset, how to change, and all the difficulties and barriers they perceive as they move along.

By no means am I suggesting this is an easy journey, however there are a few ways to make it easier.

First of all, how you see the problem on your journey, may not actually be the problem.

The avoidance of taking action on life changing behaviors is not because your lazy (which I hear many people say about themselves), but actually a lack of priorities, and perspective about how to get more done in less time.

Essentially, it's perception.

And.. it's about how HARD people think an activity will be, and therefore, the FEELINGS associated with the amount of effort needed to complete that activity.

The idea that something is laborious makes people avoid it because they think...

HARD. DIFFICULT. TOO MUCH TIME.. and then the brain shuts down.. or the I DON'T WANNAs come up...

Similarly, if you think.. WOW, THIS WILL BE EASY - you head right for it. It's just how the brain works!


Also, there is scientific evidence to suggest that when you add the element of play or fun to challenging situations, they FEEL easier even if they aren’t.

Fun is the ultimate game changer on this journey and I'm going to share my mindset hack for making things easy and fun today!!

So why aren't we making everything FUN? Good point!

Let's start with some tools on how to do this..

FLIP - your mindset on how you see the activity. What gain will the activity or process bring to your journey? Why is it good for you? Why are you avoiding it? What is the outcome if you were to shift your mindset around this activity? What if you were to LOVE it instead of hating or avoiding it? How might that change your life?

FUN- think about what you GET to do for your journey instead of what you HAVE to do for your journey. Also, make a game out of it if you want.

FAST - break it down into doable chunks. Most people think of how LONG something is going to take thus making it a chore. Create mini-tasks such as fitness breaks or snacks that help you move more in less time. Also, instead of meal prepping all in one day, spread it out into 2-3 (30-min) chunks to help you release the need for one large block of time.

It's time to...


When it comes to exercise, you may say to yourself "I’m not the kind of person who works out" or "I really don't like to work out." or "I really dislike sweating."

These are all excuses that start within the mind because there is an emotional resistance within one's mindset that has been built against them. If you build a block to something, that block will exist until you break it down.

Let's look at this from another angle or a difference situation.

If I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t brush their teeth, I wouldn’t have any teeth. If I'm not the kind of person who washes their clothes, I wouldn't have clean clothes. If I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to shower, I would smell awful.

Do you follow me here? Whatever the reason we have in our minds or is built within the minds are excuses to avoid an activity because of the emotional or mindset block created within the mind.

Similarly, you can break that down as easily as you created it!

Or if I’m not the type of person who ‘works’, I would imagine that I’d also have a hard time supporting myself.

Do you see a trend here??

This is all mindset! This is all perspective, emotions, and mental blocks of what feels good and what doesn't - all based on your previous experiences with these activities, and how they have unfolded previously in your life. If every time you've hit the gym your knees hurt, or if every time you've meal prepped it took 6 laborious hours, sure you'll have mindset block that "nope, I'm not doing that again".

The shift is this... PERSPECTIVE.

It’s how you perceive difficulties and your ability to overcome them from within your minds eye.

Wayne Dyer said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Meaning, that when you change your perspective or your outlook, you have the opportunity to create a different result.

If you consistently look at things in your life as a chore, they will be. However, if you begin to look at things as part of your journey, you may seem them as far less daunting than if you saw them as a chore. It's all perspective, and of course #mindset. What if you actually made it fun, enticing, quick, and easy? What would that look like for you?

So for this week, let's shift how you think, perceive, or see these activities.

Take your most laborious activities - that you know will be a game changer if you could make them easier.. and start to see them, perceive them, and strategize them differently.

If you see something as hard, take out a sheet of paper and come up with three ways it can be easy. And use my tools above (FLIP, FUN, FAST) which I'm also paraphrasing or restating here....

How can I change my perspective around this activity (meal planning/prepping, fitness, water, sleep, supplements, or whatever you're avoiding doing for you, etc.)

How can I make this fun or a game to make it stimulating for my brain?

How can I break this down to get it done in a shorter time, or break it up into smaller time blocks?

Also.. How can I feel GOOD about getting this task done so it's now an accomplishment instead of a chore??

Let's work on shifting both your emotions and mental blocks on this to help you create BIG transitions and GREATER ease in your life..

Hope you have a great week! Use the tools, make some magic and if you feel the urge, share your new strategies for ease and flow in the Bariatric Mindset Mavens Facebook group!