Who is in control of your life?

On every ship, there is a captain, and there are passengers.
On every plane, there is a pilot and there are passengers.
On any road trip, there is the driver and the passengers.

Which are you in this life? Who is in control?

When you decide to lead in your life, you make the decision to be the captain, pilot, or driver.

When you are being led by old habits, you’re allowing yourself to be the passenger.

Within this construct, you have a choice.

Will you be an active participant in your life (driver)? Or will you be a passive participant in your life (passenger)?

Are you led by your brain or your emotions? Or do you use your conscious mind?

Will you choose to put yourself back in control of your life and your post-op process? Or will you allow your situation and old habits to consume you?

Making a new decision, and practicing new action steps are possible.

You can change your habits by creating new neuropathways in your brain and practicing them over and over again.

Through coaching and accountability you can work through the emotional resistance that comes up when you initiate behavior change.

This is why being part of a group can be so amazing and life changing.

You begin to realize that what you are going through is normal. You see that you’re not alone, and you get the support that you need.

And, the group cheers you on when you succeed and has your back when resistance rears it’s ugly head!!

This is why I created the Bariatric Mindset Group Coaching Program, to help to put YOU back in control of your life, through guiding you to take back control of your brain and behaviors.

It’s more than the food.
It’s more than dealing with stress.
It’s more than combatting old habits.

If you’re struggling with emotional eating, boredom eating, night eating, life stressors, and struggling with gaining control over your brain and behaviors, this program is for you.

We work on helping you guide yourself back to the path of putting YOU in the drivers seat of your life.

This journey is about empowerment, freedom, and living life on your terms, and loving your life and body. The way you do that is working with your brain, not against it.

We will give you new tools and skills to help you personalize this journey and learn how to change your thinking and behaviors. You also have unprecedented accountability and support.

Join us today!

We start today and our enrollment closes at 11:59pm PST.

Only 6 spots left and 1 VIP spot remain!!

We won’t enroll again until August. If you’re ready to change your life this summer, sign up today!

Still on the fence? Catch the sample call replay HERE

Put yourself back in control of your life.

It’s your time, take the next step.