Moving Past Disappointment

I want to share another idea here that is essential for post-op patients to recognize and learn.


So often there is a comparison of "this person lost this much" and "why am I not where they are".

it reminds me of kids on a playground.. "he has more than me!"

With that type of attitude, do you feel love and warmth, or do you feel envy, judgement, and criticism??

The truth is, your body is different from that person's body. Where one person might lose 30lbs in a month, another might lose 16lbs.

While there is the law of averages, most often people still tend to move mentally toward the number they desire, not the average itself, or recognizing that the lower 16lbs I mentioned before, might still be in the "average" range for what post-op patients will lose in their first month.

It all depends on, the starting weight, how much weight that person needs to lose, the type of surgery, hormones, age, and so much more.

I've seen people hold onto weight energetically and emotionally because they haven't worked through trauma from their past. Clearly, this is NOT the norm, but I have seen it.

In looking at your journey, you MUST look at all the holistic factors that make up YOUR personalized journey, and with that... RELEASE the force that your journey HAS to look like someone else's.

Also, instead of getting upset or angry that Susie Q lost more weight than you this month, get excited for how much she has lost, and refocus your efforts on feeling good in your body.

When you feel good in your body, and focus on your OWN journey, you'll see how much you ARE doing, and won't have time for the drama of all the other stuff...

And..... when you envy others it impacts your mental, emotional, and physical health; it's potentially destructive and you get angry at your body for NO reason. Envious people tend to feel hostile, resentful, angry and irritable. ... Envy is also related to depression, anxiety, the development of prejudice, and personal unhappiness. Not surprisingly, these negative mental states can impact physical health.

It also leads you to turn inward and begin to think, "what's wrong with me?"


Your body takes time to release the weight. And, even with WLS, your body needs time, and patience. Your body has gone through a traumatic surgical process, even as a minimally invasive procedure - your body is healing.

For those farther out, loving on your body using affirmations can do far more good than getting angry and hostile towards your body that you perceive as "holding on" to weight when you are doing all the right things.

So for today, I want to teach you about moving through and moving past the disappointment of "not there yet" mentality.

This is because you ARE getting there. This journey is a process, and it's not over yet. Even if you are past the perceived "honeymoon" phase, you CAN get back on the plan and keep going.

I see people gain and lose their regained weight - ALL THE TIME.

Don't limit your thinking based on other's perspectives. You can achieve your desired goals, as long as you believe you can.

Just like my email from last week - Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. - Arthur Ashe

Let go of the disappointment, the anger, and the force that you are placing on your body. Instead, ALLOW your body to do its thing. Be patient with the growth that your body is undergoing. Weight loss is growth because your body may have been at the same weight for a long-time and it's been comfortable there.

Give your body time to heal. Give your body time to lose.
Keep going with your plan. Don't give up. And, love your body for shedding the weight on its own timeline.

When you are more KIND to your body (using affirmations, practicing gratitude), you'll see that you're more grateful of the weight you lose.

And, if you don't know what I mean here, I actually mean THANKING your body for keeping YOU healthy; thanking your body for functioning properly, thanking your body for carrying you, pumping your blood, etc.

For some this may seem silly, yet, I've seen the magic it works when you are GRATEFUL instead of demanding that your body "do something".

Also, using affirmations help you emotionally rather than the negative judgments you may place on yourself or your body.

Replace "what's wrong with me?" with... "all in my body's time. I trust my body's timing"

Replace: "why won't the scale move?" with "I know the scale will move and my body is adjusting to this new process.

Make your own MANTRAS and AFFIRMATIONS to help you trust your body's weight release process.

I let go of the force that things need to be on a specific time line.
I no longer need to compare myself to others, my journey is my own.
My body is releasing weight and I'm grateful.
I am grateful for my body's health and functionality.
I trust my body to do it's thing and release the weight in the best time possible.
I allow my body to release the weight freely.
I know I am doing my part to release the weight, and trust my body's process.
Thank you body for keeping me healthy and letting go of the weight I no longer need.

A few changes in TRUSTING your body may make a big difference.

Keep in mind, you also need to stay on track with your doctor's advice and your bariatric basics:

Protein First - track what you eat
Fluids - At least 64oz of water per day
Fitness -Move Your Body
Sleep well - (at least 6hours per night)
Stress Less - breathe more
Take Your Supplements

I hope this helps you refocus on YOUR part, and letting your body adjust and do the rest. If you still don't see the fruits of your labor after a few weeks, make sure to meet with your physician to ensure there isn't anything else going on.

What affirmations will you create as you learn to trust your body to lose?

What gratitudes can you write down or share to recognize your body is working for you, not against you?