5k's are not for everyone

Last Friday I had to go see an orthopedic for my knee. Having knee issues is something that I struggled with long before my bariatric surgery. I've always fallen or tripped over my own feet. My mom would call me a "klutz".

In 2011, I fell down a flight of stairs and had a meniscus tear in my right knee that flipped on itself. I had surgery to repair it, and then after my WLS in 2013, my knees have done so much better. Also, staying active has helped a ton!!

Recently, though, the knee pain got worse. So, I decided to see an orthopedic doc and see what was up with my knee, since part of my post-op process is staying in shape. Come to find out, I have arthritis in both my knees and it's hereditary.

What was interesting was that the doc told me to avoid running and walking outside. He suggested I use the treadmill, but that even better would be to do all my cardio on a glider, elliptical, or bike. He also suggested that NO MATTER WHAT, I should stay active and keep doing things that will help me stay conditioned rather than aggravating it.

Similarly my doc told ME to stay away from crossfit, or HIIT workouts. While these are all the rage, he suggested that I avoid "high impact" types of training to avoid injury.

So often, I see that 5k's are the rage and many bariatric patients seek to use this as a way to stretch themselves especially when signing up and getting ready for a race. The training process can be a way to hold oneself accountable. And, while 5k's are a great way to do this, they are not for everyone.

As someone who has NEVER run, and has been advised not to run, 5k races are not for me. The point here is to listen to your body, and do activities that make you feel good, make your body feel good, and stay fit doing what works FOR YOUR BODY.

I knew this advice long before the doc told me, yet I wanted to share this and my experience with you because not everyone has that 'body wisdom' yet. Sometimes, following the crowd is what people do, and many crowds do 5k's.

The purpose in moving your body is to feel good, whatever it is; not to incur any damage, and to enjoy what you do when you are moving.

I know that if I were to start pounding the pavement, it would just further aggravate my knee and cause more problems for my body. So, instead, I'll do that elliptical, take spin classes, do yoga and Pilates, and focus on strength training, because that's what my body likes.

Now it's time to figure out what's best for YOUR body..

Tuning in to your body can be ONE of the best things you can do. Following the crowd, or what's best for burning calories may not be what's best for YOU!! Focus on what YOUR body likes and needs, and you'll stick with it for the long-haul!

This weeks' prompts:

What type of movement makes your body feel good? Is it dancing? Pilates? Yoga? Barre class? Or is it something more fast paced? Are you a high-impact type of person? Or do you need low-impact movement?

What wisdom is your body sharing with you about what activities you need to be doing?
And, what activities might you need to pass on or avoid to avoid injury?

What activities/movement/workouts would you like to try on that you haven't yet?

What activities are you willing to try or commit to this week?

I hope this helps you get moving!!

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