Getting prepared for crises

This is the time of year when many are watching the weather. Hurricane season lasts June 1st - November 30th, and living on the East Coast, it affects many.

Last week New Orleans was under a major weather watch as a tropical storm thundered through the area. The fear would be another catastrophe like Katrina..

Hurricane prep isn't the only thing we need to be concerned with though, as the mid-west gets hit with tornados and potential flooding, while the pacific coast is under threat of earthquakes - and has even seen a few lately!

It can be super scary when there are many situations and circumstances out of your control (like the weather), and yet knowing how to be prepared, is so instrumental to your long-term growth...

This is because we don't always get a big warning sign that something is going to happen. When life happens, it just happens!

Just two weeks ago, a private client of mine had to take her sister to the ER and was freaking out because it was a potentially life threatening situation. She emailed me two days after this incident to thank me because part of our work together had prepared her for this exact situation.

She used her stress management tools that we developed in our sessions to help her stay calm despite the overwhelm and uncertainty of the situation.

She had some snacks already in her purse for emergency situations, so she knew she would have something in the event they were at the ER for a long time (which they were!).

Then, she used our tools to think ahead about what to eat while at the hospital so she could avoid fried cafeteria food and vending machines, all while working to stay calm for her family.

In these types of situations in the past, she told me, she would have shoved food in and never looked back. She shared that "with the awarenesses you have taught me, and how you've taught me to listen to myself, my body, and how to calm myself down.. I felt totally prepared for this ridiculously chaotic situation, and I cannot thank you enough!"

Thankfully, her sister was discharged a few days later and all is well. The major point here though is that when disaster or crisis strikes, we end up in our heads, overly emotional, and running around not sure what to do next.

This is why preparing mentally and emotionally and gaining new tools and skills are INSTRUMENTAL for your long-term growth.

Whether it is a weather disaster, a family crisis, or some other situation that arises, as humans we don't get to PASS on life issues. They will still happen to us whether we like it or not, whether we are prepared or not.

And, far more people come to me with help to lose their regain due to some family issue, life crisis, job loss, relative death/passing, than anything else...

This is why learning in advance to deal with life stressors is one of the best things we can do for our long-term growth and healing. Getting ready for crisis doesn't mean that we expect it or that we welcome it.. it means that we put our armor on, and we get ready for battle, even when the storms are calm, and everything seems peaceful. It's gaining the wisdom to deal with things we hope and pray will never come, just in case.

Here are some questions and tips for you this week..

What do you need to prepare for you in your life so you know what you'll need to stay on track?

What potential weather issues could happen where you live?

What life issues might you need to potentially work on so that you can gain strength and wisdom on your journey ?

What would help you prepare best for crisis?

And.... if you'd like to catch my HURRICANE PREP sheet, head on over to the Bariatric Mindset Mavens Facebook Group and grab it from the files tab.

We want to make sure that you are prepared and thinking ahead no matter what is going on...

As always.. in love and light...