Why tracking is important for your mindset and your journey

Let's talk TRACKING!!! Some of you swear by it, others avoid it, and whether you love it or hate it, there are soooo many benefits to tracking.

Some of you may be tracking already, while some of you may have given it up a while ago.

The thing is many can get anxious about tracking or it feels cumbersome - and yet another step you have to take.

However, the clinical research suggests that tracking increases long-term success. When measured, people who tracked their food lost more weight and kept it off longer.

And it also helps with practicing awareness of what you’re eating, and it keeps you conscious of everything you put in your mouth.

A handful of nuts here, 1 small cookie there.
A small bite of this, a small bite of that..
That second glass of wine.
And so on.

Your brain might say, "oh comon’ One bite won’t matter", and before you know it, you’ve had two, or three.

Without conscious awareness, grazing and impulse eating can happen.

This is why tracking is helpful for lasting lifestyle change.

It keeps you in check.
It keeps you aware.
It keeps you conscious.
It keeps you on track.

Some don’t track out of shame and guilt. Yet even then, it won’t keep anyone safe from seeing the results on the scale.

If eating becomes out of control, returning to tracking and self-monitoring can help you see where the struggles are.

For some tracking is not enough and issues go deeper. Yet starting with a reflection gives you initial perspective of where to begin.

Start this week with tracking your food and beverages. Drinks can also be high in calories. Be mindful of everything you are eating and drinking.

This is a great way to recalibrate yourself and regroup for weight loss success.

Spend 5 minutes each day to track your food in an app or keep a log of the foods you are eating and beverages you are drinking. Check in at the end of the week to review how you did.

Even eating off track can teach you a thing or two. Release the shame and recognize that each misstep helps you gain clarity on what to do next.

Track your food and drink for a week and check-in on what insight you gain.

Then use these prompts:

What new insights have you gained?
Do you struggle any specific time of day?
What times of the day are easiest to stay on track?
Is your food intake consistent?
How might this insight help you grow and learn?

I hope this serves you well!!