Stay on track! Plan and Prep weekly meals with Food Storage containers

Hi Everyone!!

Happy #Backontrack Sunday! How are you all doing today? Are you ready for the week? 

This is my #backontrack post for today!! I got these to go boxes from Amazon that help with portions and separating food. I made rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans with cauliflower. I made 3 for dinners this week. When I'm at the office, my husband takes my son out, or they eat together. My husband is a vegetarian and we eat VERY differently. I must have #protein as #priority, while my husband and son can eat bread, pasta, couscous, and carbs for days and be totally thin. The nerve of them, right? 

Since I know what my #sleeve and #bariatric body needs, I plan for it. This helps me stay the course, and remain successful in my journey and I wanted to share it with you. 

This is planning at its best. This helps me avoid fast food, avoid poor choices and I'm getting my protein, veggies and good carbs.

Planing and priotizing is essential for for your long term success. When we leave choices for our "tired" brains at the end of the day, we may experience regret later because we were caught In a weak moment. Set yourself up for success by planning in advance!!

These are kind of like bento boxes, but reusable, microwavable, BPA free and you can freeze and store food. They are amazing!! 

#backontrack #stayontrack #sundaysuccess

Get your own containers here on Amazon: 



Get your own containers here on Amazon: 


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Welcome to Bariatric Mindset Blog


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Hello world, I am finally here!

I’m so excited to be starting a blog and sharing my experiences with the world. I have also been a little apprehensive because sharing makes me feel “raw” and “open”. So I have decided to share why I think sharing my experiences are important and why, in the same breath, they make me feel vulnerable.

I have been a coach and counselor for quite some time now. I love to inspire, encourage, empower and to help people improve their lives. This is a large part of who I am. Yet as a general rule I do my very best to keep my personal life separate from my professional life. This started in part as a result of my training to be a professional counselor. There is this unwritten rule about self-disclosure and in some doctrines to be a “blank slate” for the client. The purpose of this is so that the coach or counselor’s values and experiences do not overshadow the client’s values and experiences. The client should be the center of attention and the focus in all sessions. Therefore for this reason I have been hesitant to start a blog about my own experiences, values and challenges. 

Most recently when discussing this with one of my sage mentors it was brought up that if my experiences were shared that they might help others going through similar experiences or challenges. Additionally, I recognize that I am human first and a counselor second and this would shine through in my blog. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share my experiences in hopes that they resonate with others while continuing to encourage and inspire utilizing a different modality. 

I believe in coaching because it pushes the client outside their comfort zone and after WLS surgery there is so much behavior change that needs to occur. As someone who has been through the process, I see how much coaching helps individuals after surgery and while counseling can help, my role has shifted to coaching to help move individuals forward after such a life changing surgery. 

Furthermore, I hope this blog will empower others to step out of their comfort zones as well and to see that we are all human and that our experiences matter and we can transform our lives in a multitude of ways. 

Happy Reading!

With love and light,