Why work with a mentor or coach? 

Working with a mentor, coach, or counselor is a very personal decision. I've decided to call this mentorship for a number of reasons. I believe that mentorship is a blend of coaching and giving direction and guidance for a specific purpose. While I am a licensed psychotherapist, I do not engage in therapy outside the states for which I am licensed (Georgia State & Washington State); therefore, in order to provide quality services that get results, I've decided to offer mentorship and coaching opportunities to those individuals who desire to grow. 

With that being said, if I believe you need a counselor or therapist rather than a coach or mentor, I will refer you to someone for you to see either in conjunction with our services, or instead of our work together depending on what's in the best interest of the client.  

If you live in the states of Georgia or Washington and would like to engage in counseling services, please message me using the CONTACT page. Please note that these services are completely separate and different, therefore when engaging in a counseling relationship, no dual relationships may occur, including coaching and counseling at that same time. Only one or the other is permitted. 

What should I choose; your 1:1 program or your group session options? 

Both options are an excellent choice. Honestly, it depends on your personal needs. Some people really like the privacy and confidentiality of working with someone 1:1 and to share all the intimate details of their life, struggles, and successes.

Other people prefer a group environment (also confidential) where there is comradery, group encouragement, and the opportunity to see more people experiencing similar successes and struggles. Therefore, it depends on your needs, where you are in your own process, and how YOU would like to grow. 

Both will be confidential and upon entry into the group program, all individuals will sign a confidentiality agreement. The groups will be "closed", meaning that no additional members will be added once the group begins. Each group will contain a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 16 people to ensure that there is engagement and that each person has an opportunity to discuss their struggles and successes. 

Within the 1:1 program there is definitely a lot more personalized attention; while in the group program there is more opportunities to grow as a group and to learn from others as well as the facilitator. You'll have the opportunity to learn from other's mistakes, other's success, and since all sessions will be recorded, you can skip occasionally and still stay on track with the program. 

How will I know that I'll get results? 

Working someone is a very personal process. To ensure that my clients are progressing, I send out weekly check-ins and follow up with a pre-session questionnaire that allows them to reflect on the time between sessions, and so that we can address the most important issues in our upcoming session so that no time is wasted. This way we get laser focused, address the most important topics, and so you walk away with greater clarity and insight while feeling empowered and encouraged to engage the next part of your journey between sessions.  Each month, we also look at where you were in the previous month and there are ALWAYS remarkable changes in growth from weight loss to NSVs to huge emotional breakthroughs and lifestyle milestones. 

While specific results are not guaranteed, there is always typically progress from month to month in our program. 

Is this covered by insurance? 

All programs offered are NOT covered by insurance. These are private pay options. 

How do I get started working with you? 

Please note that I do not work with everyone and I only add on a few 1:1 clients each month. Therefore, I like to ensure that this is a good fit for both of us. My requirements for working  together are that you are COMMITTED to your journey, you intend to be consistent, and you are ready to do the inner work necessary to succeed. 

You know SOMETHING needs to change and are tired and frustrated from where you've been in your life and you KNOW there has to be something MORE.  Does this sound like you? 

I offer a limited number of DISCOVERY CALLS each month for those who are interested and serious in the opportunity to work together 1:1. If you'd like to book your FREE 30-min assessment call which includes an initial action plan, go here to schedule.  

How do we meet? 

All private 1:1 and group sessions are offered via an online teleconferencing software, therefore all clients/participants must have access to a computer, tablet, smart phone or similar device to participate. 

1:1 sessions can be conducted via skype, phone, or FaceTime upon request.