Bariatric Mindset Success aims to help individuals live a fuller richer life after weight loss surgery. 

Kristin Lloyd, MS, LPC, LMHC, PhD-c is a licensed psychotherapist and certified transformational mindset mentor guiding individuals to embrace healthy habits, better relationships, and fuller richer lives after weight loss surgery. 



Individualized Mentoring to guide the client to get past their struggles and overcome blocks to live your best life. 


We have group mentoring programs that help individuals get the support and accountability that is needed while also working with a seasoned professional who is leading and facilitating the sessions.


Self-Study programs available to fit every lifestyle and for person who loves to take courses and do things on their own. 

About Me


Professional Bio:

Kristin Lloyd has been creating outstanding results for individuals, couples, and organizations for over 10 years as a highly-accomplished psychotherapist, transformational coach, college educator, and consultant. Through her invigorating and transformative facilitation skills, Kristin has been guiding individuals, couples, and executives to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in mindset and motivation, self-confidence, productivity, commitment, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and aligning with their soul's purpose as well as reinventing one's future for success.

She is now leading bariatric patients and bariatric candidates through massive mindset shifts to help them create lasting behavioral habit changes, emotional adjustments to lead happy and healthy lives by keeping the weight off and adjusting to the multitude of lifestyle changes that occur following bariatric surgery. 

Kristin is also a PhD candidate in Psychology, a certified coach, a licensed psychotherapist, a prolific writer and currently a contributor for The Huffington Post and The Master Shift.


The Skinny: 

I’m just like you.

I know the pain, the angst, the struggle and the doubts when it came to the weight and weight loss. I also struggled to know myself in the months following surgery.

I was different on the outside, yet the same on the inside. The old mindset was still there. The old "fat chick" was still living and breathing on the inside of this new phenomenal body. I knew changes had to be made.

 Does this sound familiar? 

Here's where my story begins. 

In was about seven years ago, when I was in my office seeing patients when I was hit with my own inner critic in between sessions, “you’re so fat and they see how big you are. How can you possibly help others if you cannot even help yourself?”

The voice was loud and disruptive. Up until that point, I was able to achieve amazing levels of success in life, but the one area that I struggled was my weight. I’d hit 407lbs at my highest and I had tried everything – diets, food plans, nutritionists, therapists, trainers, gyms, shots, hypnotherapy, wraps – you name it, I tried it!

I even went to one of the leading eating disorders specialists in my city hoping for some answers or insights into what seemed to be an obsession or addition with food. You know what she did?

 She put me on a diet plan!!

I was ready to put in the emotional work and the only thing she could come up with was a diet plan? Been there, done that! 

I was done! 

After all my years of searching, trying, and everything but beating my head against a wall, I knew bariatric surgery was the answer for me. 

In 2013, I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) or “sleeve” for short. This surgery has saved and changed my life forever. I've lost 189lbs to date and have kept it off. 

I knew it wasn’t a quick fix and I knew I had to shift my mindset and my behaviors to keep the weight off long-term. There were other things too that I needed to shift - people pleasing, create firm boundaries, self-care as a priority, overcoming self-sabotage, and changing my thinking patterns so that I could have a healthy and successful life NOW that I've lost the weight. 

The biggest lesson I learned after losing all that weight... Wait for it! Wait for it!! 

It was NEVER about the weight. 

Actually, when the weight was there - it was ALWAYS about the weight. But once the weight was gone, the issues - the self-doubt, the lack of self-trust, the "not good enough, you're just a fat chick" voices were STILL there! 

Does this sound familiar? 

In fact, I realized quickly in my academic research that nearly 40% of all weight loss surgery/bariatric patients regain weight within 5 years of surgery because they don’t create a lifestyle change following surgery. Also, there's also evidence that even though you've lost the weight, there are still patterns of behavior that "fat thinking" is still an issue. 

Your pouch is a tool, it’s a way to achieve success and a bariatric mindset will get you there!

To feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside is just as important as the weight loss.

It's not just the physical change you are experiencing, it's the birthing of a NEW YOU in the process. 

Part of my passion is helping others to shift their mindset and achieve long-lasting weight loss through lifestyle change, and to help guide them to live richer, fuller lives in their careers, relationships, and more! 

I’ve been there, I’ve done this and have both the personal and professional experience to guide you to your long-term success through a bariatric mindset shift. 

Are you ready to meet the NEW YOU? 


weight loss progression

weight loss progression

Shift Your Mindset --> Thinking Thin to Keep the Weight off Long-Term & Gain Unshakable Confidence


Did you know that 40% of people who've had bariatric/weight loss surgery will regain a small portion of weight within five years of having surgery?

Long-term lifestyle changes are the biggest reason that people keep the weight off long-term.

Most people who regain weight and are unable to maintain behaviors of post-op nutrition plans or exercise have internal or emotional struggles that go deeper than calories in, calories out and the good news is - there is help! You have access to support! 

Also, there are other changes that people go through after having bariatric surgery that impacts their lifestyle. Most of these changes occur internally and may never reflect in one's physical body yet do show up emotionally.

Having issues of low self-esteem and low self-worth are common for those living with obesity and even with weight loss there is the internal "fat girl" or "fat guy" living inside your head - and just because your body has changed doesn't necessarily mean the confidence is there. 

It's important to gain the mindset shifts to help you feel just as good on the inside as you look on the outside. 


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Michele P. 

Kristin has been an invaluable resource and mentor for me as I've gone through the process following gastric bypass surgery. She's been a great support system as I've struggled with emotional changes through the weight loss. After I'd lost about 178lbs., I had realized the weight was gone but I was still thinking about myself as "fat" and was still struggling with shame, doubt, self-criticism, and emotional baggage. It was clear to me that I had to shift my thinking and the whole time I thought it was about the weight, clearly it wasn't. I'm much more confident in who I am and in my career and relationships. I highly recommend working with her. 

Emily G. 

It was about two years after I got the gastric sleeve surgery that I thought I needed to work with someone to kick start my weight loss after experiencing a stall. I wanted someone who knew what I'd gone through and who would understand the emotional aspect and to help me refocus. 

I found Kristin during a time when I needed accountability and support but the online forums were too crowded and I had a lot of shame built up. I didn't want to share my struggles on the internet in such an open way. I wanted something more one on one. I love that Kristin is a counselor and a mentor because she can see beneath things that my nutritionist couldn't. I also love her very direct "kick ass" style because she always calls me out on my excuses and knows when I'm trying to pull something over on her. As a result of our work together I've move past all my "stalls" and have gone on to get to my goal weight. She's also helped me as I've started to enter into my first romantic relationship since surgery. Working with Kristin after surgery has really changed my life. 

Lynn S. 

I found Kristin at a time when my relationship was falling apart and loved that she had experience with bariatric patients and even had the surgery herself. I had weight loss surgery and while I thought it would be great for my life and my marriage my husband became very jealous of how good I looked and it took a toll on our marriage.

Working with Kristin has been a godsend because through mentoring she helped me see how Matt was threatened by my new body, fearing I would leave as I changed into "my new self" and helped me work on our relationship. I've got a new body, a better marriage and couldn't be happier. 



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